Preventing damage
is easy.

Indumetal protectors

Indumetal protectors protect spaces from potential damage caused by
everyday activities, for the specific protection of all structures:
- equipment, - automatic gates, - any other susceptible good.

The result of years of experience in the field.
As well as protecting in case of impact, Indumetal systems protect
thanks to their high visibility, avoid damage repetition and
prevent operations from stopping. Shock-proof systems are produced
by Indumetal following a thorough technical examination for:
- robustness, - stability, - fastening systems.

The client has the guarantee of the certified quality of industrial products,
from special and tailor-made finishes concerning specific
logistic and aesthetic requirements. Products compliant with law provisions
(Legislative Decree 09 April 2008, no. 81 Annex XXVIII).

Main features

Shape compactness, entirely made of steel.

Rounded shapes without edges in compliance with the regulations.

Serial production
Uniform characteristics, available over time.

Highlight their presence preventing accidental impacts,
in accordance with the Legislative Decree 09 April 2008, no. 81 Annex XXVIII.

Can be combined with one another and flexibly positioned.

Static testing
Tried and tested products.

High-quality finishes
Tried and tested products.

PDF Shock-proof Catalogue

Flex System

Absorbs impacts and increases safety
Thanks to the exclusive patented system for the dynamic absorption
of kinetic energy on impact, together with the various
possible combinations, we provide the ideal solution to reduce
risks in case of a particular danger.

- Extremely useful in spaces with frequent vehicle movements
- For spaces with frequent risk of impact
- For areas with low visibility
- Patent no. 1018316A3 European Pat. Applic. Pending
- TÜV Rheinland certification
- Possibility of modulating the system
- Energy absorption capacity in case of frontal impact
  at the height of 50 cm

Softstop® (Belgian Patent no. 1018316A3 European Pat.
Applic. Pending) is a dynamic absorbing
mechanism of kinetic energy on impact, able to absorb
up to around 12,934 Joule.

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