for contaminant liquids.

Preventing the leakage of contaminant liquids.

They are protection systems of high technological content, tailor-made
to prevent the leakage of contaminant liquids, fire-retardant liquids
and for environments subject to flooding. The choice of barriers
depends on the organisational and handling requirements of the site.

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Barrier body in aluminium painted with polyester powders
- Compensation of barrier weight with application of gas
  springs in versions with manual movement and pneumatic
  cylinders in versions with automatic movement
- Sealing gasket made of EPDM
- Variable dimensions depending on the volume they contain

Available in 3 different versions:
- manual plug-in movement
- manual, lifting and revolving movement
- automatic, lifting and revolving movement

Standard legal requirements:
Our products meet the provisions described in the
EEC Directive no. 105/2003

Product certifications:
- Compliance with the EC Directive 89/392/EEC
- Quality certified by LGA Bauart
- Reaction to fire certified by the Institut der
  Feuerwehr Sachsen-Anhalt

Advantages and benefits:
Full customisation of solutions according to:
- the length required to cover the light of the passage perfectly
- the height of the barrier depending on the volume it contains
- Direct application on existing infrastructures
- No masonry work
- No containment bumps or ramps near passages
- Does not obstruct internal movement
- Emergency system always operative and available on site


Other products of the same line

They are extremely useful products for fast resolutions in
areas where the movement of polluting liquids may cause
damage to the environment below.

EPDM gasket 80 x 60 mm:
- Plate body in steel
- Dimensions 625 x 625 x 10 mm
- Weight approx. 32.5 kg

EPDM gasket 80 x 60 mm:
- Plate body in steel
- Dimensions ø 830 x 8 mm
- Weight approx. 35.50 kg

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