Removable bulkheads

for floodwaters

Safe bulkheads preventing potentially irreparable damage

Indumetal can develop protective systems for the containment
of floodwaters or the overflowing of rivers near industrial activities
or risk areas. Safe bulkheads preventing potentially irreparable
damage: Indumetal provides for risk detection and analysis
and plans tailored solutions.

- Barrier body in aluminium
- Containment gasket with a PU base
- Lateral supports in treated corrosion-resistant steel

- Perfect water tightness
- Simplicity and rapidity of installation and dismantling
- Customisation according to specific requirements



They are bodies consisting of particular hollow profiles in aluminium, to be inserted and locked in corresponding load-bearing U-shaped grooves. At the base of the profile, touching the flooring, a special compressible gasket in PU (h 50 mm) is applied, and made waterproof with the suitable treatment.

- The grooves on the end are fixed to the existing walls and the middle grooves/post are fixed to the flooring with suitable anchoring systems.

- The profile must be chosen in accordance with the specific requirements, our technical office is available to assess the most viable option.

- Bulkhead with electropneumatic movement, for insulating general building passages, underground garages, etc. Emergency management may occur via manual activation or via sensors detecting the presence of liquids. The safety system simultaneously activates a visual and acoustic signal. The bulkhead in rest position (not active) is suitable for vehicles and the floor area is non-slip. The various structural components are made of stainless steel. Please do not hesitate to contact Indumetal for further details.

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